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MNC Farm Instructors

Meet our instructors at MNC Farm.  Whether you’re returning to the saddle or just learning, you'll have one-on-one attention and an instructor who is focused on your needs.  Both of our instructors are amazing and highly qualified.

Tanya Adams

Tanya started riding in the United States Pony Club and 4-H as a child and has contributed to the horse community for more than 35 years. She started the riding lesson program at Wild West Ranch in 1993 and has been teaching and competing in the Arvada area since. She has a strong background in equitation and natural horsemanship and enjoys helping her students achieve their horse related goals in a safe and creative environment. When Tanya isn’t teaching she is busy pursuing a Master’s degree in French and creative writing.

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Leah Bortoli

Leah has spent the last 30 years mastering the art of training horses and teaching others who are passionate about and enjoy training their own horses. She originally discovered her love of horses as a teenager at A&A historical trails. She furthered her stable management experience by running Bear Creek Stables for Wild West Ranch in the late 1990’s.Then around 2010 she realized her passion for coaching students at White Harvest Farms. She has been a riding instructor ever since and now enjoys coaching students at MNC and training young horses of her own and for clients. She is excited to continue to share her love and knowledge of horses for years to come at MNC.

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